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Stefano Colombini, Attempt to draw a Curve 1, 2014.
Stefano Colombini + Alberto Albanese: SCANDEBERGS.
Gesture for […] , Rhodes, 2014.
Stefano Colombini, Aura Cleansing, 2014. 

THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES 7”Performance, Milan, 2014.Photography: ScandebergsDirection: Nicola Baratto, Fanny Muggiani, Marta Modena.“Emperor’s new clothes 7 minutes” investigates the relationship between action and the possibility for forms and gestures to be repeated, in contrast with the non-reproducibility of each performing act.” +View the full story here
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Tino Sehgal, Instead of Allowing Some Thing to Rise up to Your Face Dancing Bruce and Dan and Other Things, 2000.
Descriptive Text by Stefano Colombini
"Tino Sehgal’s work is influenced by the traditions of conceptualism and minimalism that began in the 1960s as artists challenged existing definitions of what constituted the art work and the art experience. Sehgal takes the idea of making and not making a work to the extreme. He allows no photographs of his work to be taken or reproduced, no catalogues or press releases to be printed, and no paperwork to accompany the purchasing or selling of a work. No tangible trace of the work remains: the artist wishes the viewer’s experience to constitute the artwork." +
Stefano Colombini, An Immaterial Retrospective of Venice Biennale - Romanian Pavilion, 2013.

Stefano Colombini, Holy Palm, 2014.
Stefano Colombini, Compenetrazione in Virtù di una Densità Intrinseca - Lawrence Weiner (Biennale Di Venezia), 2013.
Stefano Colombini, Night Stairs, 2014.

Contemplation 0 | Emily IMG London, shot and styled by scandebergs  | support us here.